Freedom One Day

May 17 6:30 pm

Carrying past baggage and pain? Struggling with an addiction you can’t overcome?  Can’t seem to find lasting freedom from your past? Want to be free from those haunting memories?

 We have good news – Jesus Christ came to set you totally free!

The Bible says “we are destroyed for lack of knowledge!” In this short “Freedom One Day” discover biblical information to help you begin the process to living in freedom by showing you:

  • how the addiction/bondage cycle works
  • how the freedom cycle works
  • the 2 “C’s” for living in freedom over the long run

We would love to invite you to join us Friday, May 17 for our upcoming “Freedom One Day” – refreshments provided, and the event is FREE! 

Text “FREEDOM” to 763-600-7040 to sign-up.