Hurricane Ian  //  relief

Here's how you can help make a difference!

There are two ways...

Support the recovery efforts financially.

We have partnered with a local church that we have known for years in Southwest Florida (First Baptist Church of Pine Island). This church is located right on Pine Island (one of the areas hardest hit) and must repair their own church building/grounds so they can serve as a hub for teams coming in throughout the upcoming months. They are also currently serving their community through giving away water and gas at this time to those in need.
If you prefer to give to a national organization, we have also partnered with Convoy of Hope who have teams and resources on the ground in Southwest Florida, helping those recover from this devastating hurricane! can help make a difference for those affected in Southwest Florida by Hurricane Ian! 

Dates: Nov 6-11, 2022

Details: We are actively working with our connections through First Baptist Church of Pine Island to assess how we can best be of help to this community! Our team  will be serving on Pine Island from Sunday, November 6-Friday, November 11, 2022.  Registration for this trip is now closedThe cost for this trip was $350 (airfare & ground transportation) plus food! 

Scope of this work includes: building repair, demolition, debris removal, serving those in the community, offering prayer support, etc.

Want to join on an upcoming serve team on the grounds in the Southwest Florida in 2023? Fill out the form below to get started.