Motion Weekend

Student “MOTION” Weekend | August 21-23, 2020

Our Student “MOTION” Weekend is a chance to come together with other students from around the nation via an Online Simulcast to be refreshed, strengthen relationships, and gain resources to further reach your school and friends for Jesus! Souls Church will be hosting a “Motion” here and would love your student to be part of this exciting time of worship, messages, and motion groups – along with a Serve Day just for them!

Event Schedule:

Friday, August 21


Saturday, August 22

Welcome: 8:30 am

Session: 9:00 am

Motion Groups/Games: 10:00 am

Session: 10:30 am

Motion Groups: 11:30 am

Lunch: 12:00 pm

Session: 1:00 pm

Motion Groups: 2:30 pm

Serve Event: 3:30 pm

Dismiss: 5 pm


Student Sunday: 9 am – 10:30 am

Students will be part of the weekend service to share takeaways at Motion Weekend and be prayed for as they begin the new school year!  

Speakers include: Sadie Robertson, Chad Veach, EarlMcClellan, Mark Pettus, Chris Hodges, Louis Giglio, Pastor DC, and more!

Interested in more info? Please complete this form for details about attending “MOTION”, receive the Motion Devotionals and more!

The details around our “MOTION” weekend will be released soon pending registration size, Covid-19 guidelines, and more. We are planning to host this student weekend as a “Watch Party” either at the Souls Church Auditorium or in a home- depending on size!

Dates: August 21-23
Cost: $10 per student
Full Schedule: To be released August 9


What does “Motion” entail? This is our annual student retreat hosted in August to help put our students in Motion for God before the school year begins. This year is unique in that we are partnering with hundreds of churches virtually via a simulcast to include worship, dynamic messages, “live” small group discussion, and a “SERVE” event! Every student that signs up will receive a “Motion” devotion, Serve T-Shirt, retreat giveaways, and access to all the sessions!

How much does it cost? This event is $10 per student.

Where will it take place? That is to be determined depending on the size of those registering – we are looking at three options: hosting it 1) in-person in the Souls Church Auditorium as a watch party, 2) in-person in a home, or making it available digitally to watch online. The final event details will be announced on August 9!

Will ages can attend Motion? Grades 6th-12th!

Will there be an opportunity to share what we learn and go deeper? Yes, after every session, students will join either in-person or online do diver deeper into discussions (called Motion Groups).

Can I invite friends? Yes, yes, yes! This will be an amazing event your friends will thoroughly enjoy!

How do I stay in the loop if interested? Please complete this form for details about attending “MOTION”, receive the Motion Devotionals and stay in the loop!

Again, thank you for your interest in being part of “MOTION” this summer!