Our Prayer For You

Church is not a building. It’s about relationships. 


From encountering God with others, finding community to do life with, discovering freedom over things that have held you back, or fulfilling your mission on a Dream Team, ultimately, it all boils down to connection and taking your next steps. This is our prayer for you!

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Encounter God

Church should be a place you encounter a God that changes your life. We are committed to being a life-giving church filled with people encountering God in everything we do. Every weekend you will experience uplifting music, relevant messages and exciting kids activities, while during the week you can connect with people one on one for coffee, or in a group to grow! Everything we do, is prepared for us to experience God in every way.

Find Community

You don’t have to stand alone. We know that community and staying plugged in is so important to your spiritual growth and really for you, as a human being. Souls Church Life Groups are about friendship, support and accountability. Not only will you grow deeper in your walk with Christ, you will meet others and make friends that will be able to join you as you pursue your faith.
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Discover Freedom

Learning how to live in freedom is something we all need. One of the ways God has designed us to live is to have people in our lives to help us discover freedom throughout the journey. Connecting with others in life groups is a practical and enjoyable way to live a life that is more free, day by day.

Fulfill Your Mission

One of the best ways to help you fulfill your mission to help you connect and serve on a team. Our Dream Team is a group of incredible people that have discovered their passions and are actively serving in them.

From creating a comfortable environment by serving on Greeting Team, to leading others deeper in their walk with Jesus by serving and leading a Life Group, to crafting a dynamic experience with the Media and Production Team, or partnering on our month Serve Day teams – we are a group that has fun together making a difference.