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We’re asking everyone in our Souls Church Family who believe in LIFE, FAMILY, and RELIGIOUS FREEDOM to please vote this fall. Below are resources on praying for our country, our leaders, and for casting a God-honoring vote this November.

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As Christians, we must know what is important to God’s heart when casting our vote and vote biblical values! Many things are near to His heart, but here are the top six issues God values as seen in scripture:

Acknowledging God (Psalm 33:12; Matt 10:32)

Religious Liberties (Josh 24:15; Matt 22:21; Acts 17-19)

Sanctity of Life (Psalm 139:13; Jer 1:5; Is 49:1,5; Gen 9:6)

Family Values (Gen 2:24; Matt 19:4-5; Rom 1:22-32)

Godly Judges (Ex 18:21-23; Is 1:26, 5:18-20; Prov 29:2 )

Blessing Israel (Num 24:9; Gen 12:3)

Our prayer is that religious freedom would flourish, that life would be cherished at every stage and God’s good design for marriage and family would be honored and experienced. Let’s get out and vote biblical values this fall – your voice matters!

Christian Voting Guide

2020 Minnesota Primary Voting Guide

US Voting Guide from American Family Association

On The Issues

Presidential Comparisons – Abortion

Party Platforms

Faith, Hope & Love This Election

Download Decision Election Guide (Digital)

Sept 26 Prayer with Franklin Graham (On-Demand)

How Can I Pray?

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