Discipleship online.

Check out these online discipleship resources that you can take advantage of on your own schedule no matter where you are!

Discipleship online...

...is a life changing journey that will allow you to engage and group in your faith - at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. If you are not able to join an in person life group, this is a great option for you. Whether you’ve been a Christian for 30 minutes or 30 years, God will meet you where you are and reveal something new.

We are excited to offer over 50 different courses through our partnership with Messenger X, Never Wasted, Church of the Highlands and other amazing churches. Some courses cost and prices are per person unless otherwise indicated.

Online Discipleship Examples...

Personal Discipleship Courses

  • Bait of Satan (Offense & Forgiveness, John Bevere)
  • Baptisms (Water Baptism, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, etc.)
  • Boldly Go (Kids & Family, Following Jesus)
  • Breaking Intimidation (Overcoming Fear,  John Bevere)
  • Called (Purpose & Destiny)
  • Changed (Christian Living)
  • Daniel Dilemma (Peer Pressure)
  • Divorce Care (Divorce)
  • Driven By Eternity (John Bevere, DVD)
  • Family ID (Family)
  • Family Road Trip (Kids & Parents Video, Following Jesus)
  • Family Life Art Of Parenting (Parenting)
  • Forgotten God (Holy Spirit)
  • Foundations (New Believers)
  • Four Cups (God's Plan, Chris Hodge)
  • Financial Peace University (DVD or Online for more current)
  • Fresh Air (Depression, Boredum, by Chris Hodges)
  • Fresh Start (New Believers)
  • From This Day Forward(Marriage, Relationships)
  • Healthy Relationships (Friendships)
  • Hearing God (Know God's voice, John Bevere) 
  • Hope Rising (Need Hope)
  • I Am A Warrior(Spiritually Fighting)
  • I Promise (Marriage)
  • It’s Not Suppose To Be This Way (Disappintment)
  • Katharos (Men's Purity, Blaine Bartel)
  • Katharos for Students (Blaine Bartel)
  • Kryptonite: Destroy What Steals Your Strength (John Bevere)
  • Just Walk Across The Room (Evangelism)
  • Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage (Marriage)
  • Life Giving Relationships (Friendships)
  • Living in Freedom Everyday  (Freedom)
  • Make Room for God (Priorities)
  • Margin (Time Management)
  • Model Man (Man Study)
  • Money Matters(Money, Finances)
  • New Believers handbook (New Christians)
  • Porn Free (Pornography, John Bevere)
  • Praying With Jesus (Prayer)
  • Proven (Men's Purity and Temptation)
  • Purpose In Your Pain (Tragedy and Disappointment, Davey Blackburn)
  • Servolution (Serving)
  • The Story of Marriage (Marriage, John & Lisa Bevere)
  • The Wilderness (Hearing God's Voice, John Bevere)
  • What On Earth Am I Here For? (Purpose, Rick Warren)
  • Your Time Starved Marriage (Marriage)
  • Living By The Spirit (Christian Living)
  • Momentum (Beatitudes)
  • Not A Fan (Students, Following Jesus)
  • The End Of Me (Students, Following Jesus)
  • Without Rival (Identity, Ladies)
  • 12 Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid (Parenting)

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