Welcome to the "Heart & Soul" Project!

After much prayer and lots of meetings over the last year, the board of trustees voted near the end of 2022 to move ahead with what we are now calling the “Heart and Soul Project!” 

This initiative will renovate our two existing storage buildings into a usable space to rent for weddings, funerals,  and celebrations of life to happen in a first-class atmosphere! Watch the full announcement, sharing the heart of what is behind this new project!

One year update...

The "HEART & SOUL" Project

Join our team of supporters to help fund the mission and support expansion.

Mission //  iMPACT 

First, this project will have a Mission Impact right in line with the vision to create current engagement and future expansion as we continue to be a life-giving church in our community and beyond.

Financial  //  iMPACT 

Second, it will also have a Financial Impact: out of a 'biz-nistry' (business & ministry) model to help us over time fund the ministry, alleviate financial pressure on a mid-size church; strengthen our financial position, and bring a healthy ROI (return on investment) in just a few years by renting this facility for public use. 

Outreach // iMPACT

Lastly, this initiative will create an Outreach Impact by opening up opportunities for mission, ministry, and Jesus to be shared with those celebrating an exciting time of their lives. The Heart & Soul project will be a blessing and a differentiator in the community, and allow us to be a good steward of our current buildings . 

Watch this animated tour of the "Heart & Soul" Project!

The above video tour will allow this project to come alive as you visit the main venue, game room and bridal suite!

Project Timeline

The project timeline for Phase One (1.0) of the "Heart & Soul Project" is organized into four stages. Each are coordinated, planned and will be financially paced out as the project unfolds. The additional phases (as outlined here) will be evaluated and completed after the first year of operation.  

Project Phases

The "Heart & Soul" Project will roll out in four phases. 


Transforming our big storage building into a modern event space for weddings, funerals, and family events. With this phase we will be updating our septic system and adding the necessary utilities to facilitate an event center.  


This is a continuation of updating our small storage building to accommodate the wedding parties as they prepare to celebrate their big day. We will be adding more restrooms, changing rooms, a make-up station, and an area to relax and have fun.


Updating our current area known as “The Well” to be able to be  a grooms area by event and create a fun appealing area to both use for ministry to our youth students during the weekend and Motion Nights! We will also be transforming some of our storage space into a beautiful area for the bride's to prepare for their big day!


We will be looking to expand our chapel/event center to the outdoors. Adding walking trails, photography locations, and an outdoor wedding location. At the same time we will be updating and improving our landscaping throughout our campus. (Spring 2026)

"This initiative will help fund the vision..."


"...to reach more souls, souls, souls..."

- Pastor DC

"...and expand His kingdom!"

- Pastor DC

Stay in the know...

Top five things you may want to know at this time...

What is this initiative?

This project is focused on renovating the two storage buildings we have on our property to create a space that can be utilized by our church for events and rented by others outside our church to help fund the church.

How is this project be financed?

In the present market, this project will cost around $500,000. We have partnered with Financial Security Bank out of Albertville, MN for his project. The HSC will have a separate launch budget, line of credit, and operating budget.  Note: Financially, the church has made $40,000 of investments to get this project going, but eventually, this project would run out of a separate account from our day-to-day ministry operations.

When did the construction begin?

 This project has been guided by Tim Trebesch, stepping in as our special project lead. We started construction on our main storage building on May 20, 2023, with a BBQ/Groundbreaking and all church dedication happened Sunday, June 4, 2023 to prep the grounds for the current project! Estimated completion date is August 1, 2024.

When will this chapel/event center open? 

Currently, our target launch date is to have tours and opens houses happen this summer (August 2024) with a soft grand opening for bookings/rentals by September 2024, 

Is the city and county involved? 

Our final architecture drawings for both buildings are complete and have been submitted to Isanti County for a building permit and installation permits.

Three Ways to Partner

Join our team of supporters to bring a mission, financial, and expansion impact.

Join a team

Do you have a skill that can be utilized in this project? Construction talents, man-power, and more are needed. Click here to sign up today.

Cover us in prayer

Are you a prayer warrior? Join our team to cover this project in prayer - asking God for wisdom, provision and divine opportunities for this beacon of light!

Sow a seed

Has God blessed you and you believe in this project?  Consider sowing a financial gift, small or large into this initiative - every dollar helps make a difference and is tax-deductible.. 

Give into "Heart & Soul" today.

Your gift of love will be applied completely to the building of the Heart & Soul project. Thank you for helping make this extraordinary possible! 

"Heart & Soul" Upcoming Serve Days

Stay tuned for upcoming serve days to help out with this exciting new initiative and project that is happening right now on our very own grounds!

Meet the team.

Dennis & Dana Calhoun

Lead Pastors & Directors

Dale Sisam

Board  of Trustees

Brandon Wegner

Board of Trustees

Tristan Agre

Board of Trustees

Nick Houwman

Houwman Architects

Corey Schiminski

Financial Security Bank

Tim Trebesch

Special Project Lead

Got questions about the project?

We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Note: Souls Church has become a member of MNReva, a network of venue owners in our area to resource, educate and partner together. Learn more: https://mnreva.org/