in app Messaging.

We truly believe that we all grow stronger in community.
Our new in-app messaging allows you to do just that.

Church communication without limits

Our church community has a heart to be engaged, serve and do life together. Do you have the right communication tools to stay connected beyond Sunday? Build authentic community with our new In App Messaging through Subsplash  on The Ultimate Engagement Platform™.

Check out all the great features.

Equipping our community to experience effortless communication that builds connections. In app messaging through Subsplash is the new home for authentic community on any device. 

Messaging Overview

Experience communication without limits!
 In app messaging is like our own, private social media platform for Souls Church! Whether on a computer, tablet or mobile device - authentic engagement and community building opportunities are now accessible everywhere.

Why are we doing app messaging? 

This will streamline our messaging to allow you to to go to one place for connection, communication and community - and you can decide what you want to get info on. It also eliminates dropped texts from text chains and eliminates non-delivered texts from some cell phone carriers. No more having to find out what personal text chain your info is on! 

What are the features on in app messaging?

You can stay in the loop of what's happening by joining life groups, serve days, direct message other church members, request prayer, share photos and connect to various teams and community right at your fingertips - without having to give out your cell phone number!

Timeline for this new communication tool?

We will be turning off our current text messaging option on December 31, 2021 and moving solely to the in app messaging platform on January 1, 2022.

I am resetting my password to join and I am not getting a reset option - what do I do?

If you are trying to sign in and resetting your password, but are not seeing a reset link, please submit a request below and we will reach out to you.

How do I sign up for in app messaging?

Getting our community on board is beautifully simple. Our leaders can easily send invitations by email or text, reaching new members where they’re at. It takes just a few simple steps to get your community plugged in and ready to start connecting! 

Is this safe and secure?

Privacy and security have been built in from the ground up. Our administrators have total control over who can manage channels, and leaders always have the ability to add or remove people from their channels. Also, there is a built in blocker to keep inappropriate content from being distributed on this platform. 

Who is Subsplash?

Subsplash is our main platform that hosts our church app, website, live streaming, giving and now messaging. Coming soon, it will also serve as our membership database, kids check-in terminal and dream team scheduler.  More info -

Need help? Messaging support is here.

Let us know what questions you may have or how we can help you get set up on in app messaging.